• Know Your Stationery Series | Washi Tape

    So many of us use washi tape for its ease of use, beautiful appeal, and it’s lighter stick compared to the standard masking tape, but what is Washi tape? What does it mean? How is it made? And where did it originate?
  • Shopify Debut Theme Tutorial: How to Add Sections to Landing Pages

    One of the most disappointing shortfalls when using the free Debut Theme on Shopify is how it tricks you into thinking creating every page is going to be as simple as developing and laying out the content for your homepage. I'm not entirely sure what the developers were thinking by not enabling the ability to add sections to various pages the way you can on the home page, but needless to say it's made the lives of creatives who don't know how to develop code hit a huge wall of "crap, what do I do now?"

    The good news? There is a way to add sections to your landing pages! It just has a bit of a learning curve and is going to require a little more time and pre-planned vision to bring that beautiful landing page to life.